The Family Inheritance – Tricia Stringer

A toxic will plays havoc in the lives of three generations of women when they discover they have been living a lie. A keenly observed story of the danger of secrets, the legacy of betrayal and the power of family from a bestselling Australian author.

Sometimes an ending is really a beginning …

Felicity Lewis’s fiftieth birthday party in her newly renovated home, loving husband and daughter Greta by her side, is going off with a bang when disaster strikes. Her father, Franklyn, with his usual impeccable timing, has keeled over and died.

For some members of the family, his wife Hazel for example, Franklyn’s death is not the great loss it first appears to be. But when his toxic and inexplicable will is read out, it becomes clear that long-buried secrets are about to surface, starting with the astonishing reappearance of Hazel’s long-lost sister.

Indeed, Franklyn’s death sets in motion a chain of events that will cause three generations of Gifford family women to question everything they hold dear – their relationships, their loyalties, even their identities. Until, that is, they choose to fight back against their dark inheritance …

A clever, sympathetic and thought-provoking look at how a legacy of lies can seep through the generations and poison all it touches, and how the truth can set you free.

My Review

Tricia Stringer is a master of family drama. The Family Inheritance follows the story of Felicity, her daughter, Greta and mum, Hazel. Felicity’s world is turned upside down in an instant. It begins with her father, Franklyn, passing away on her fiftieth birthday celebration. Upon his passing and when the will is read the family are left with a number of questions about their lives. They question who they are and the bonds of their family life.

Tricia Stringer’s characters are well developed and I enjoyed getting to know them. I wanted to continue reading about the lives of this family long after finishing the story. I took my time to read this beautifully crafted novel and thoroughly enjoyed every moment.

The story brings important issues to the surface that this family must examine. Here is a family who learn a about the secrets kept throughout the three generations. These secrets to uncover in turn teach each character about themselves, how to love and how to trust.

If you enjoyed the TV show Brothers and Sisters, you will love Tricia Stringer’s The Family Inheritance and The Model Wife too. Tricia Stringer expertly explores family values, dynamics and the meaning of love. This is a thought provoking and heart wrenching story. I highly recommend this novel. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thank you @harlequinaus
for sending me a copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.