About me

Ichi go ichi e – A Japanese idiom meaning once in a lifetime. Living life moment by moment and truly finding the joy in the little things.

My name is Melanie and I love taking the time to appreciate the little things in life –  baby giggles, the excitement of opening the pages of a new book, sitting down to a pot of tea, the ah huh moments from my students, the first concentrated breath on my yoga mat… The list goes on…

I am a wife to a supportive and grounding husband. I am a mum to a fun loving little boy who has encouraged me to stop to smell the roses. Those cuddles, the smiles, the look of excitement due to new experiences and most of all the love shared. It’s true what they say… A Mother’s love… I am truly blessed. My son seems to love books as much as I do. He likes me to read at least ten books a day to him and some of those are read more than three times. My love of reading began as a child. My parents would read to me everyday and I came to memorise books, causing others to believe I was actually reading the words on the page at a very early age. I will happily sit at home with a tea and book on a Saturday night.

As a Japanese teacher at an Australian High School, Iattempt to inspire students in my class to enjoy learning. My classroom is colourful and my lessons are filled with songs, games and laughter.  I love my job and the impact language learning has upon the students I teach. My passion for the Japanese language and culture started as a grade 8 student and grew when I lived in Japan as an exchange student for a year, when I was 16. Japan is my second home. My husband and I have travelled to Japan many times and he shares my love of the country and the kindness of the Japanese people. I hope to take my son to Japan soon.

Why have I started this site? I love reading and hope to share my thoughts on various books. I love reading a wide range of genres, including historical fiction, classics, romance, thriller, children’s books, young adult, personal development and spiritual books. Everyday I make time for my family, yoga and reading. I am excited to start Chapter ichi… There is no better place to start.




Reading a good book gives the sense of ichi go ichi e