The Buchanan Girls


A sweeping family saga about betrayal, forgiveness and the cost of love.

Sydney, 1941: Olive and Ivy may be identical twins, but they couldn’t be more different. While Olive is focused on marrying a man appropriate to her station, Ivy wants to do more, to be more. Joining the Australian Women’s Service Army is the perfect chance for her to escape her family obligations and make a real difference in the world. She doesn’t expect serving her country to lead to romance … or devastating betrayal and unthinkable grief.

As the war progresses, both Olive and Ivy find themselves wanting the same thing: for their loves to return safely. But neither of the Buchanan girls is ready for what the future has in store for them.

Sydney, 2008: Escaping her husband’s betrayal and an impossible personal loss, Madeline returns home to Sydney to nurse her broken heart. As she settles into her new routine, it’s too easy to consider never returning to New York and her old life. But her husband won’t give up on what they have so easily, and Madeline can’t ignore his messages reminding her of why they fell in love in the first place. With her grandmother’s support, Madeline has to decide if forgiveness means reconciliation. But is the biggest betrayal yet to come?

My review

The Buchanan Girls – Emily Madden

Thank you @harlequinaus and @emilymaddenauthor for #gifting  me a copy of The Buchanan Girls.

This story will stay with me for a long time. I am left thinking about the characters and their lives long after finishing the story. They touched my heart.

This dual timeline novel set in WWII follows the lives of twin sisters, Ivy and Olive. Olive is happy to marry and live a life of luxury, whilst Ivy wishes to make a difference. Ivy signs up for the Australian Women’s Army Service, makes some close friends, finds love and supports the war effort. In 2008, Madeline moves back home to Sydney and must face the trauma she experienced in her life. Her work at the local school as an OT is wonderful, especially when she meets happy-go-lucky Lucy, a little girl with autism. Lucy has such a positive impact on everyone around her and was one of my favourite characters. Emily Madden has a beautiful way of connecting readers to each character. I felt I knew them all.

I have never felt so emotional about a character before that I almost stopped reading the book because of one action. I could deeply feel the betrayal and heartache. This is due to Emily’s outstanding character development. But, I say this to you – keep reading! The twists and turns of family secrets brought to light after this incident will leave you feeling all the emotions and loving the novel even more.

Emily Madden brought to light the heartbreak that as women we may have felt in our lives. In 1940s unwed mothers were not accepted. These days mothers who have children who are not meeting certain milestones may struggle. Children with autism are often not understood. Society still does not talk about miscarriage in a way that people can truly understand what women experience. All of these matters were explored and the way they were addressed left me feeling hopeful. Authors like Emily Madden make a difference!

This is the first novel by Emily Madden I have read and intend to read all of her novels! Emily Madden is an author whose writing touches the soul. What a powerful family saga that I would highly recommend to anyone and everyone.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐( 6th star if I could )

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