Starlit Skies – Suzanne Cass

Book review

Starlit Skies is the second story in the Stormcloud Station Series. This romantic suspense novel includes everything a reader could hope for- danger, suspense, sexual tension, romance and we’ll developed characters.

It follows the story of Skylah, the chef at the Stormcloud Station retreat and Dale’s sister. Skylah is passionate about cooking and this book definitely made me hungry! I love a book that describes delicious meals!

Skylah interrupts a domestic violence situation in one of the cabins at Stormcloud and makes the decision to testify against the accused. On her way home from Cairns, in the helicopter, they have an accident. Fortunately she is with Senior Constable Nash. Not only does he offer protection, but the two help each other with trauma they have both experienced in the past. Their feelings for one another grow as their time together in the wilderness continues. Nash and Skylah are not the only ones walking around in the bush. They are being followed.

Suzanne Cass considerately includes sensitive issues in her novels. Starlit Skies is a novel which emphasises the horrors of domestic violence, opening the eyes of the reader as to how one can be in a situation where they feel they cannot escape or speak up. The main characters in the novel deal with trauma and they develop in strength and psychological awareness of their situations.

Starlit Skies is not lacking in romance and steam! Nash and Skylah’s connection is visible from the beginning.

I would recommend Starlit Skies for anyone wanting to snuggle up with a romantic novel, along with being on the edge of their seat, taken along for a suspense-filled ride. What a page turner!! Thank you Suzanne for #gifting me a copy of your latest novel!!


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