Clear Skies – Suzanne Cass

My review

Sexy, steamy, romantic and gripping!

Clear Skies is a romantic suspense novel that held my interest from the beginning.

Daisy and Dale meet in terrifying circumstances. Daisy’s car is about to be swept away with her in it and Dale is there to save her and her car. Dale offers Daisy to stay at his family’s retreat, Stormcloud Skies until she can cross the creek. Daisy is concerned about being away for too long, as she is desperate to return to her brother. He is currently on the run for a crime he has been accused of. Daisy, as his older sister is attempting to protect him.

Daisy’s stay at Stormcloud Skies is action packed. She gets to know Dale and his family, including his sister Skylah who is the chef at the resort. Daisy and Dale’s romance is passionate and  they explore the North Queensland landscape together. Daisy is an Aboriginal Australian who is passionate about sharing her culture and connection with the land. Dale learns a lot from her and as a reader, I found the appreciation of Aboriginal culture one of the most important  themes of the novel. There were also comments made about racism towards Aboriginal people, in particular in remote places of Australia. For people who have not experienced racism, their eyes should be opened. Dale’s eyes are opened and he learns of the fears, discrimination and treatment that Indigenous Australians are at times subjected to. I hope that readers of this novel learn from this. What I particularly enjoyed about this novel was the fact that Suzanne Cass celebrates Aboriginal knowledge of the land.

When one of the staff member’s bodies turns up in the creek there is a murder mystery to be solved! The twists and turns of the investigation, along with Suzanne Cass’ character development made this an absolute page turner.

I look forward to reading more of Suzanne Cass’ novels in the series. I would recommend Clear Skies to anyone who loves a good romantic suspense novel.


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