Charlie’s Will – Susan Mackie


A small town rural romance.
Rose Gordon knew the farm would be hers when her grandfather died.
Strong and sassy, she was the only heir to five generations of cattle country and the magnificent Barrington Homestead. But Charlie’s will was not as she expected and the appearance of Angus Hamilton on the day of the funeral unsettled her. Handsome and single, she was attracted to him in a way she had never experienced. The ongoing drought and discovering she had friends, if not family, in the small rural community complicate matters. More sinister threats lurk in the shadows. Will Rose give up city life to face the threats head on and fight for her inheritance?

My review

Captivating, heartfelt, suspenseful and a wonderfully crafted plot. Charlie’s Will is a page turner!

Charlie’s Will is a small town romance novel set in Barrington, NSW Australia. Rose returns to her hometown when her grandfather, Charlie passes away. She returns to the beautiful Barrington Homestead and the beloved animals living there. She is shocked to realise that her grandfather’s will is not as simple as expected and also includes local vet, Angus Hamilton. Rose does not trust Angus at first and wants to know why her grandfather placed his trust in him. Moving back to the homestead, Rose is threatened and  someone is lurking around the property. Soon Rose realises that the threats could have something to do with the company attempting to buy the majority of farms in the area. Charlie was aware of the threats and refused to sell the Barrington Homestead.  Rose has big decisions to make about her future and whether or not she will keep the home that has been in their family for generations.

Susan Mackie’s quote at the beginning intrigued me; ‘Do you drive by old homes and wonder about the lives of those that built them, lived there, loved and lost?’ I often look at heritage homes and wonder about the history and the people who lived there. The Barrington Homestead is magnificent. Susan’s descriptions of the home and farm make me want to move to a property and enjoy the sprawling vistas that we read about. The home has secrets and stories to tell that Rose must discover, in order to understand Charlie’s will. Susan paints a picture of a close knit community that will go to any lengths to help one another. The characters who knew Charlie best are caring, comforting and patient, just as he is depicted to have been. I enjoyed getting to know them all.

I love to read stories where the main characters have a love of animals. Angus shares his love of animals with Rose, who slides back into farmlife with ease. Rose knows horses and I enjoyed reading about the rides taken and landscape appreciated along the way. Barrington is a beautiful place and it makes me want to visit again someday.

I would highly recommend Charlie’s Will, with its steamy romance, twists and turns and small town charm. Susan’s short story ‘Love in the Ragged Mountain Ranges’ was heartfelt, compassionate and tender and also set in Barrington. I was very excited to read Charlie’s Will after reading Susan’s short story. Susan writes beautiful stories and it is obvious through her characters that she has a love of animals. Thank you Susan for sending me a copy of your novel to read and review. I can’t wait to read the next installment of the Barrington series!


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