Before the Storm – Di Morrissey


After being double-crossed by a devious colleague, career woman Ellie Conlan quits her job on principle. With no idea what to do next, she retreats to Storm Harbour, an idyllic Victorian beach town.

Ellie’s grandfather runs The Storm Harbour Chronicle, the trusted local newspaper. As Ellie is drawn into a story about a development which could split the coastal community – and involves her with the influential O’Neill family – an event she has long suppressed threatens to overwhelm her.

Dark clouds gather as rumours fly and tensions mount. And when a violent storm breaks and rages, Ellie will finally have to confront her past.

My review

All of her books are different and Before the Storm is no exception. Ellie Conlan leaves her job in the city and decides to take a break in the small town of Storm Harbour, living with her Grandad. The bond between Ellie and her grandfather is beautiful. Di Morrissey’s characters are thoughtfully introduced into the story and the relationships of the protagonists are strong, loving and heartfelt. 

Ellie’s grandfather’s newspaper, The Storm Harbour Chronicle shares stories within the local community and does so with integrity. Ellie finds herself writing stories for the paper and investigating an issue within the town. She becomes part of the community.

Before the Storm is a novel in which local people fight to maintain the beauty and history of the town. I love these types of stories and it was lovely to read about a community that would band together as they did.

Ellie’s priorities change fast. She sees herself as part of a town that she begins to love. Her past trauma challenges her and her strength to face this trauma is courageous.

This is a lovely read.


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