The Last Paradise – Di Morrissey

Tha Last Paradise – Di Morrissey

Grace has a husband, daughter, friends and a luxurious home. One night her life as she knows it changes forever. Grace soon realises that her husband isn’t who she thought he was. When Grace is unsure of how she will support herself and her daughter, she is presented with a job opportunity of a lifetime, in Bali.

The majority of the story is set in Bali. Di Morrissey has a way of making readers want to travel to every destination she writes about. The traditions, history, culture and luxury are described beautifully. I felt like I was there watching the monkeys dance and feeling the peaceful feeling of the beach near the Kamasan resort.

The characters in this novel are what truly makes the story. Grace’s naievity is soon replaced by strength, courage and success. Grace is a strong female protagonist. As a newly single mother she proves that with support and love she can lead a life of contentment. Grace has a relationship with her mother that made me miss my mum very much. The two are close and her mum supports her in every way possible. Grace, Tina (Grace’s mum) and Grace’s daughter, Daisy have a beautiful bond. I loved reading their conversation a and could feel the love they have for one another.

There are many strong women in The Last Paradise who lift one another up. Mel, Grace’s best friend is another support person and confidant for Grace as she deals with her crazy, soon to be ex-husband, Lawrence. Mel is the kind of best friend we all hope to be to someone; loyal, kind, supportive and encouraging.

The people Grace meet in Bali impact her life in positive ways, along with her confidence in herself.

Di Morrissey’s The Last Paradise is hopeful, inspirational and exciting. In a time when overseas travel is so very challenging, it’s authors like Di Morrissey who will take us to exotic destinations, exploring the culture and land. What a truly magnificent read, one I could not put down. I loved it!!

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