My Sister’s Husband – Nicola Marsh


The sunroom at the back of the house is just as I remember. I can’t taste homemade lemonade or smell oatmeal cookies without thinking of home, of the beautiful cliffs of Martino Bay, and I feel welcomed. But all thoughts of a happy family reunion are destroyed the moment I see him…

He’s as handsome as I remember: broad shoulders, piercing blue eyes, hair the colour of burnt toffee.

The man who once meant the world to me. The reason I fled eleven years ago. I’ve never told anyone the terrible mistake I made that night. The secret we share. I’m still haunted by the crashing waves at the bottom of the cliffs, the blood…

But what is he doing at my sister’s house?

And then I see her. My baby sister. She smiles, she tips her hand so I can see the ring. And his arm slides around her waist, pulling her close…

My review

My Sister’s Husband is a thriller that had me on the edge of my reading chair the entire time! Nicola Marsh drew me in from the beginning. 

The story is set in Martino Bay, a small town, two hours from LA, positioned on cliff tops winding around the California coastline. The setting is perfect for a thriller! Those cliff tops, along with the family members themselves, hold many secrets. I certainly would not want to join any of them on the cliff edge. The book is filled with secrets and cover ups!

Brooke, who fled her hometown eleven years ago, decides to return after receiving an email asking her to come to her sister, Freya’s wedding. Arriving home is very emotional for Brooke. Her Aunt Alice has early onset dementia, Freya is marrying a man Brooke slept with at a party and Brooke finds out she has a niece. Freya is still unpredictable in her manner, yet fortunately, the one constant is Lizzie, Brooke’s cousin. Growing up they were always close and the relationship between the women is lovely.

The layering of characters is intriguing to say the least. The story follows two sets of sisters as they struggle to co-exist, one pair in the past, one in the present.  There are generational similarities between sisters, Alice and Di and Freya and Brooke. The jealousy and anger between the sisters had me terrified for them. The tension is heightened as the novel develops.

My Sister’s Husband has twists and turns that kept me reading and wanting to know more. I was kept guessing throughout the entire novel.

Nicola Marsh is a master of more than one genre! Not only are her rural romance novels captivating, her thrillers are too. What a talent, to be able to write excellent novels in different genres! I am impressed. My Sister’s Husband is a gripping and fast paced novel that had me in suspense throughout. I would highly recommend My Sister’s Husband.

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