Time Will Tell – Rhonda Forrest


Time Will Tell – The eagerly awaited sequel to Two Heartbeats.

When Jess discovered love with Daniel in the tiny outback town of Gowrie, her previous troubled life was cast aside. However, differences in their backgrounds, her doubts about real love and the urge to return and support her twin brother Johnno, forced her to make a decision to leave.

A new home in the small community of Tamborine Mountain provides an opportunity to contemplate how she really feels and what is important. Johnno lives nearby and new friends and a romantic encounter give her a fresh start — but is this what she really wants? And if it isn’t, will Daniel welcome her back with open arms?

The tranquil setting of Tamborine Mountain joins forces with the outback of Queensland to continue the story of Two Heartbeats. Will the decision be taken out of Jess’s hands, pushing her further away, or will her heart lead her to where she will find true happiness?

Time Will Tell – a rural love story, where friendship, romance and hearts entwine.

My review

And just like that… I was swept away. Sitting down and opening the first page of each of Rhonda’s novels is a treat for the mind and soul. I am always drawn in immediately and don’t want to put the books down.

I loved Two Heartbeats and was very excited to read the sequel ‘Time will Tell’. At the end of Two Heartbeats Jess had left Daniel to spend time with her twin brother, Johnno and attempts to find herself. ‘Time Will Tell’ follows the story of Jess as she moves to Tamborine Mountain. For years Jess has been looking after Johnno and getting him out of trouble. She finds it hard to let go of this role she has placed herself in over the years. Jess moves to the mountain and in no time considers whether or not she has left her heart back in Gowrie. She tries to settle into life on the mountain… although is faced with some challenges with her new friend, Antonio and her biological father who comes back into her life. Jess makes friends with Jade and soon encourages her to make the best decision of her life.

Have you ever been left wondering, at the end of a novel, where the characters ended up and almost created your own story for them in your mind? Thanks to ‘Time Will Tell’, the reader’s questions are answered.  Jess is a beautiful character whose past has made her the strong and courageous woman she is. I fell in love all over again with the characters of Gowrie. From dependable and romantic Daniel and kind and thoughtful Hoppy. Rhonda  pieces together the lives of Jess’ family and friends.

Rhonda’s writing provides a sense of peace to the reader. I always feel a sense of calm when reading a Rhonda Forrest novel and Time Will Tell is no exception. Time Will Tell is a feel good story of romance, love, family and what it means to belong.

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