Snowy Mountains Daughter – Alissa Callen


Welcome to Bundilla. A new close-knit community where romance can blossom. A compelling story of homecoming and family secrets from bestselling Australian author Alissa Callen.

The road home isn’t for the faint-hearted…

Peony flower farmer Clancy Parker was born and bred in the Australian high country. Small-town Bundilla is the only place she will ever truly belong, even if staying means remaining alone. The man she’d loved is long gone and single men are as rare as a summer snowfall.

As soon as he could, street artist Heath MacBride escaped his complicated family and traded mountain peaks for city concrete. Now a commission to paint a mural on Bundilla’s water tower brings him home. It doesn’t matter how long he’s been away, the animosity of his cattleman father hasn’t waned. As soon as the water tower is painted, he will be gone.

But between steadfast Clancy, who’d once been his muse, a free-spirited kelpie who becomes his shadow and a corrosive family secret, his best laid plans disintegrate. When life again backs him into a corner, will he have no choice but to leave or will he and Clancy have the second chance they’d each thought would forever remain out of reach?

My review

Are you looking for a romance novel you can snuggle up with and read?

Snowy Mountains Daughter is the first in the series set in the small town of Bundilla. The story follows Clancy, peony flower farmer and the man she has always loved, Heath MacBride. Clancy is mourning the loss of her parents and living in a supportive small town. Bundilla is where she belongs. I fell in love with the town. I could picture the beauty of the countryside and wide open spaces. In her acknowledgments Alissa Cullen comments that she hopes that readers will ‘smell the mountain wildflowers and hear the thunder of brumby hooves.’ I certainly did. Flowers have so much meaning. The fragrance of the peonies stuck with me throughout the story. I had these fluffy, beautiful flowers in my own wedding posy, so this added to the romance of it all. Flowers, art, romance and a small town. It all worked together to create a novel that I enjoyed with some tea whilst sitting in my comfiest chair.

The romance that started to blossom between Clancy and Heath years ago was never explored. When Heath comes home to Bundilla to paint a mural in the town’s water tower he reconnects with his family and his friendship with Clancy. The story explores the struggles between family members, the importance of loving oneanother and identity within the family. Clancy and Heath are both easy chatacters to love and loved by the townsfolk.

A small town romance with interesting characters. I would recommend Snowy Mountains Daughter and am looking forward to reading more in the series. Alissa Callen’s writing is atmospheric and touching.

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