From Far and Wide – Telma Rocha


Five missed calls from her ex-husband the day after he picked up their daughter. Clairah is desperate to get to Manitoulin Island, but the next ferry doesn’t leave for hours. She’s stranded on the mainland with the clothes on her back and no charger. Her ears ringing from the call with John’s new girlfriend. Clairah’s mind turns as it often does to Adam, who should be eleven years old, but isn’t.

Adam spends his afterlife doing everything he can to nudge his splintered family together. Not an easy feat when his parents and big sister can’t see or hear him. When they hurt the most, Clairah, John and Ameleiah can feel Adam’s presence, but in order to heal they have to find a way to listen to him: to the cries of their broken hearts that beat in place of his.

My review

From Far and Wide is a compelling story of loss, pain, grief, relationships and the love of a family. Telma Rocha’s novel allows the reader to feel what this family has felt; the continuous heartwrenching pain of losing a son, the guilt, blame and brokenness this family feels. Loss feels unbearable. Rocha takes us on an emotional journey of the heart.

Clairah lives with her daughter, Ameliah. Ameliah spends the school holidays with her father, John. At the beginning of the school holidays Ameliah is in an accident and Clairah must face her ex husband. As Clairah attempts to catch the next ferry to Manitoulin island she is scared and alone, thinking of her son, Adam who passed away and worrying for her daughter’s situation in hospital. Adam is not far from his family. When one loses a loved one, depending on our beliefs, we may wonder whether they are near us still and a part of us. This novel has multiple narrators, who tell the story beautifully from different perspectives. One of those narrators is Adam. Adam attempts to help his family to mend their broken hearts as he stands beside them in the afterlife.

From Far and Wide pulled at my heartstrings. As a parent, my children mean the world to me. Reading this story of a family who lost their child had me in tears. Rocha’s novel made me laugh, cry and love the characters. Clairah is a loving mum whose heart is broken. Rocha writes with care and sensitivity. As someone who feels the heartbreak of loss and grief, this book is a beautiful reminder of the hope and faith I hold on to. Hope and Faith that our loved ones who have passed are here with us when we need them most and hope that God will embrace our loved ones in Heaven. That presence felt in this book is real. I have felt that presence personally and felt dreams so real I know that I have had a visit from Heaven.

Thank you Telma Rocha for writing a novel that will hold a special place in my heart. I would highly recommend this novel. It is a book that I did not want to put down. Family is everything. From Far and Wide takes us on a twisting path towards the importance of family with all of the roadblocks that are placed in their way. What a beautiful family, what a beautiful story.

Thank you Telma for sending me a copy of your beautiful novel in exchange for my honest review

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