Stars Over the Southern Ocean


With her home and freedom on the line, will her family force her to leave it all behind?

1937 – Seventeen year old Marina Fairbrother has lived in the small logging town of Mole Creek, Tasmania, her whole life. When she meets Jory Trevelyan, she is intrigued by the young man with the strange name and his tales of the west coast. Stories of wild winds and a tumultuous sea leave her hungering for a freedom she hadn’t realised she lacked.

1993 – After a terminal diagnosis, Marina knows there is only one place she wants to spend her remaining days. The remote coastal property of Noamunga has been her home for the past fifty years. Her memories are imprinted on the walls of the house and the rocks of the cliffs. Here she raised their three children, loved deeply, survived a war, worked hard, grieved deeply and lived a good life.

But there are forces that threaten to pull her away from her beloved home. Daughters whose well-intentioned concerns hide selfish ambition, a son who puts his future in the hands of the wrong people, and an oil company intent on striking oil just off the coast of her land.

My review

Thank you Harper Collins Australia for sending me a copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review. This is a beautifully emotional story of family, love, fear, hope and contentment.

J H Fletcher writes this dual timeline novel whilst sharing the story of Marina and her children. Although there are different settings and perspectives, the novel is so well written that it flows easily. From the atmospheric coastal property of Noamunga to the colourful and spectacular buildings of India to the hustle and bustle of Thailand. I loved that the author had the reader in a variety of settings that spoke to the senses. I could smell the spices in India and the fresh air of Noamunga. The main story revolves around Marina, who at 17 years old meets Jory Trevelyan. Marina moves from Mole Creek, Tasmania to the remote Noamunga to share her life with him.

As this story is told we are also taken to 1993, as Marina is diagnosed with a terminal illness and her adult children selfishly consider their inheritance above all else…

J H Fletcher writes in such a way that I connected with each place in an instant. This is the first time I have read a J H Fletcher novel. This will not be my last. Stars Over the Southern Ocean is real, raw and kept me intrigued the entire time.

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