One Summer Between Friends – Trish Morey


Australian author Trish Morey returns with a compelling and moving story about broken friendships and the rocky road of forgiveness. Coming home was never going to be easy …

With a failed marriage behind her, and her career dreams in tatters, Sarah returns home to Lord Howe Island to run the family store. Paradise to most, Lord Howe is the last place Sarah wants to be, trapped on an island with her two ex-best friends, Floss and Jules.

Floss has the life she always wanted: married to her high school sweetheart, Andy, with five gorgeous children. But something is missing from her marriage. And now she has a secret that threatens to tear her happy family apart, and the only person she can talk to is the woman who pushed her away.

For Jules, forgetting the past is impossible. Her four-year-old daughter is an everyday reminder of the friendships she has lost. But when a discovery turns her life upside down, she knows this is an opportunity to set things right.

This summer, can these women overcome the pain of the past and find their way back to the friendship they once had?

My review

Thank you @harlequinaus for sending me a copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.

This contemporary novel was a compelling read that I started a few days before Christmas and ended up finishing on Christmas Eve, as I didn’t want to put it down.

The story follows three friends who had a falling out years earlier. As the novel progresses their lives connect and they are forced to consider whether forgiveness, acceptance and love are possible.

Sarah’s journey with infertility, betrayal and heartbreak has brought her to the place she is now. Her main focus since moving from Lord Howe Island has been her career path. There are many factors that challenge this focus.

Jules is a single mum faced with health issues who reassesses her ideas of past, present and future.

Floss, mother of five is having marital issues and feels stuck in her marriage. She has always been loyal to her friends and has lived for her family.

Each woman has their own story and as they reconnect with their past they find ways to move forward.

Morey writes of miscarriage, infertility and breast cancer in a way that is sensitive and honest. It is beautiful to see an author who does raise important issues that many women face and those who have not faced them may never truly understand.

The characters were well developed and the storyline was interesting. I would read another of Trish Morey’s novels and would recommend this one.

This was a great summer read and I would highly recommend it.


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