Adopting Overseas – Lisa and Ailsa Burns

Intercountry adoption is the most common form of adoption in Australia. This wonderful book looks not only at the processes involved in adopting a child from other countries into Australian families but also includes the findings of the largest survey of adoptive parents in Australia. The information they share with us and their personal experiences are heartwarming, inspiring, and sometimes confronting–but regardless, the stories always make for compelling reading. “Adopting Overseas” offers both expert advise and personal accounts on how best to manage a range of issues that some adoptive families will face such as: “Why choose intercountry adoption? “and “Will our child attach to us? “It also covers tantrums and how to manage them; anxiety about being abandoned; health issues such as skin, teeth, delayed growth, and motor development; behavioral/psychological issues; the importance of finding out about your child’s background and keeping the birth culture alive; and racism. The authors are donating their royalties from the sales of this book to overseas aid for children.

My Review

This is a must read for anyone considering intercountry adoption in Australia. There is a lot of helpful information, statistics and personal experiences. It is perfectly balanced.

Reading families’ personal experiences is invaluable. The stories of children who have found beautiful adoptive families and have positive experiences living in Australia, along with the challenges. I feel grateful to have read about each personal experience.

There are other sections which I will no doubt refer to again and again. These include the managing change advice, comments on attachment, ideas on how to make things more comfortable for our child as they settle into their new culture and home and the bonding process.

Thank you Lucy and Alisa Burns for writing such a helpful and supportive guide for prospective adoptive parents.

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