My mum

I am writing this blog post two weeks and two days after losing my mum, Denise. A week ago today I sat down to write about my mum so that I could share some of my mum’s life with family and friends in attendance at her service. Today I am writing to share a small part of how much my mum has inspired me in my life, how much I love her and from this you will soon realise how much I miss her.

My mum was a beautiful soul who should not have been taken from her family so young. She deserved to watch her grandson grow up, deserved to live a long life with many more memories. As I feel the grief, sadness, loss and pain of losing my mum, I also feel the beautiful connection and love we share. My mum was a kind, caring, thoughtful and loving mum. Her love for her family was everything and could be seen in her smile when she was surrounded by love. My mum taught me many things, but the most important lesson she taught me was that of true love. She taught me how beautiful the bond is between mother and child. There wasn’t a day that went by without her love. She is a mum and nanna that any daughter or grandson would dream of. I am so glad that Avery was able to enjoy almost two years of his life with his nanna. She had such an impact on him.

Looking back on my childhood, I wouldn’t change a thing. My mum chose to be a stay at home mum and enjoyed being a home maker, whilst being there for me. She would take time out to read with me, play with me and teach me all I needed to know. Mum shared her creativity with me. My mum created a dolls house with me from cardboard and contact, beautiful birthday cakes, long stitch needlework, paintings and crochet. Her love of crochet could be seen in her stunning works of art, including blankets and items around the home. The items that were also made with love are the crochet toys made for my son and other children who she loved. They are gorgeous. I will treasure all of the items my mum made forever.

My mum always loved reading and she encouraged me to write. Mum would sit with her Kindle or a book on her egg chair outside and enjoy the sunshine or sit inside surrounded by her creativity as she enjoyed reading someone else’s work of art. My mum loved romance and crime fiction most. I also love romance novels. I would like to give my mum’s favourite authors of crime fiction a chance. I look forward to sharing with you what she was reading on her kindle and her favourite authors in future posts.

As I sit and reflect on how fortunate I am to have such beautiful memories from childhood into adulthood, my heart is breaking to hear her voice once more, have a hug and tell her I love her. I also have another voice inside me telling me that I need to write, reflect and remember the wonderful times we shared and the love that will last a lifetime. This is the only way that I will be able to move forward. I promise to continue to live my life with purpose, to live a life of love for those around me and treasure moments with loved ones. Mum, thank you for being the best mum I could ever have. I love you and always will. I hope you are watching over us and know that we love you always and forever. In my heart always. ❤️❤️

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6 thoughts on “My mum

  1. With deepest sympathy.
    Thank you, Melanie, for writing about your mum, your love for her, and her love that will last a lifetime. So much love shines in your smiling faces.

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  2. This is a beautiful tribute to your Mum. She looks so very lovely in the photos. I understand your need to write about her. My own Mum died last year and I too found it helped to write about her, I think it feels like you’re still having a conversation with them. Sending love and my sympathy x

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    1. Thank you for your beautiful message. I am so sorry for your loss too. It is the most devastating time isn’t it. I haven’t ever felt so much sadness, pain and heartbreak. I think writing will help too. ❤️❤️ It’s the beautiful memories and love that we had that I hope to always share.

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