The Kookaburra Creek Cafe – Sandie Docker

Thank you to the author for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


Welcome to the Kookaburra Creek Cafe.


For Hattie, the cafe has been her refuge for the last fifty years – her second chance at a happy ending after her dreams of being a star were shattered. But will the ghosts of her past succeed in destroying everything she’s worked so hard to build?


For Alice, the cafe is her livelihood. After Hattie took her in as a teenager, Alice has slowly forged a quiet life as the cafe’s manager (and chief cupcake baker). But with so many tragedies behind her, is it too late for Alice’s story to have a happy ending?


For Becca, a teenager in trouble, the cafe could be the new start she yearns for. That is, if she can be persuaded to stop running from her secrets. Can Becca find a way to believe in the kindness of strangers, and accept that this small town could be the place where she finally belongs?

One small town. Three lost women. And a lifetime of secrets.

My review

The Kookaburra Creek Café is a unique and powerful multi-generational novel.

The story follows the lives of three strong Australian women who have experienced loss, heartache, abuse, grief and tragedy. Their strength and courage is what allows them to lean on one another and learn to trust and love again. Hattie, Alice and Becca have their own stories to tell and gradually throughout the novel, pieces of their past are revealed. I loved each character and felt drawn into their world immediately. As the horrors and tragedy of the past are revealed, I was brought to tears. One minute I was laughing along with the characters, the next minute I had the tissues out. I think it says something about an author, when they can write in a way that allows the reader to have such an emotional connection to the story and characters.

The setting of the novel is lovely and by the end of the novel I wished to be a part of the small town community that support one another through the bad and good times. Kookaburra Creek is such a lovely portrayal of small town Australian life. The descriptions of the surrounding area were beautiful. I also felt this when I read Sandie Docker’s The Cottage at Rosella Cove.

I could smell the fresh bread and taste the sweet cupcakes described. I love a book that describes cooking and baking in a way that makes me want to eat what the characters are eating and moreover, a book that includes the recipes at the back! I actually want to make the strawberry and white chocolate cupcakes and choc-hazelnut and Frangelico cupcakes. Yum!

As a debut novel, I could feel the heart and soul of the author within each page that I read. I can only imagine the work that authors place into writing a novel. As a reviewer, I am aware of this and although I may not enjoy every novel I read, I truly appreciate the author behind each novel. As for The Kookaburra Creek Café, I absolutely loved it and would highly recommend it. I am so glad that Sandie Docker was able to share this story. Being multi-generational, it spoke to my past teenage self, my life now as a mother and my future self. People from all walks of life should gain something from this heartfelt story.


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