The Currency Lass – Tea Cooper


She can run but she can’t hide…

As her father’s only heir, Catherine Cottingham expects to inherit their sprawling property in the Hunter Valley. What she doesn’t understand is why her father is trying to push her into a marriage to the pompous and repulsive Sydney businessman Henry W. Bartholomew.

When the will is read it becomes clear money, or the lack of it, lay behind her father’s plans. Catherine is mortified — as a married woman all her possessions will pass to her husband, the overbearing Bartholomew. Her only alternative is to wait until her twenty-first birthday and inherit the property in her own right, but can she elude such a determined man until then?

A chance encounter with a travelling circus and its fiery lead performer, Sergey Petrov, offers the perfect solution and Catherine escapes to the goldfields. But there is more to the circus than spangles and sawdust and Catherine finds herself drawn into a far-reaching web of fraud and forgery…

My Review

I am fast becoming a Tea Cooper fan. I loved The Currency Lass, just as much as I loved The Girl in the Green Dress. What a captivating story of love, loss, expectation and courage.

I love historical fiction and particularly enjoyed where this book was set. It is set where I live, in Newcastle/The Hunter Region. I felt the peace and quiet of the Cottingham property and the rural areas, which are now filled with homes, shops and businesses. The descriptions of the landscape and Australian goldfields took me to Catherine’s world in an instant.

I loved the characters, teh romance and enjoyed reading about another strong female protagonist. Catherine is determined to hold on to the family property. On the otherhand, she is faced with her marriage arranged by her father before his death, to a man she believes will sell the property once he marries her. Sergey provides Catherine with an opportunity to truly experience the wonders of the circus and use her horseriding skills. I loved the circus performances and wanted to be in the front row seat.

What a novel! From the city of Sydney to a rural property in The Hunter to a travelling circus. The Currency Lass had me hooked from the beginning and I would recommend it to any readers who enjoy historical fiction and/or romance. Tea Cooper is one talented Australian author!


2 thoughts on “The Currency Lass – Tea Cooper

  1. That sounds interesting! I haven’t read much historical fiction based on Australia at all so that would be new to me, but a woman of some status in society joining the circus is certainly not a tale I have read before. This should be fun!

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    1. It really was an interesting read Kay and one that was unlike any other book I have read. I am hoping to read more of Tea Cooper’s novels after reading two that I loved. 😊


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