Every Breath – Nicholas Sparks



Kindred Spirit is a mailbox in North Carolina with the ability to connect people in unimaginable ways. It is not an ordinary mailbox in which bills and the like pass to the recipient, instead, this mailbox is a gateway to stories of love, loss and happily ever afters. The mailbox sits isolated with the view of the beach for anyone to place personal letters in, for passersby to read. It plays a significant role in the novel.

Every Breath is set in the 90s following the lives of two characters from different worlds; Hope and Tru. Tru, a father and National Park guide in Zimbabwe, flys to Sunset beach to meet the father he has never met. Hope, a woman in a six year relationship at a stand still comes to her family’s cottage on Sunset Beach to relax and consider her life. Tru and Hope meet by chance, worlds apart, yet the five days they spend at the beach together will change their lives forever.

My review
Sweet, passionate and charming! In a similar tradition to The Notebook, Every Breath is an epic love story.

Hope and Tru’s chance encounter is a whirlwind, passionate romance and I would have liked to read more of their time together. I felt that theirs was a pleasant rendezvous, yet flew by in an instant. The backstory of the characters gave more insight into their worlds, especially in comparison to At first sight, which I have recently reviewed. Tru’s love for his son and their relationship was heartfelt and emphasised his true character. Hope’s personality was likeable and she put her family first, especially when her father was diagnosed with ALS.

‘The destiny that matters most in life is the one concerning love.’ Hope’s words ring true for herself and Tru. Both characters live their lives in this manner. The messages in the novel are lovely. Life has its challenges and the characters encounter their own, however, if love is behind each intention, as it is in this story, I think we can say we have lived a meaningful life.

I loved Kindred Spirit and the idea of sending thoughts, feelings and stories to random people who visit the mailbox at the beach. It has great significance in this novel. I hope to oneday visit the beach, read a meaningful letter and send my own letter out into the world. Maybe we will set one up in our own community… In this digital age, Nicholas Sparks encourages us to embrace the art of letter writing, not forgetting its power.

I would recommend this novel to anyone who likes reading a good romance novel. Every Breath was an easy, enjoyable and heartfelt read.


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