At First Sight – Nicholas Sparks



A relationship of compromise? A relationship of love? Jeremy, a New York columnist, moves to Boone Creek, North Carolina to marry Lexie, the woman he is falling fast in love with and is pregnant with his baby. Prior to the move, Jeremy had no intention of leaving New York, marrying again or any hope of fathering a child.

He finds himself in a small southern town with some quirky townspeople; Lexie’s psychic grandmother Doris, her best friend Rachel, Rachel’s boyfriend Rodney, the Mayor of the town and Jed the creepy taxidermist. The couple are faced with issues of living in a small town, trusting one another, Jeremy’s writer’s block, health concerns and learning how to create a life together. Some disturbing emails sent to Jeremy bring to the surface further reasons to question his trust in his fiance.

Were the couple doomed from the start? Or was it love at first sight?

My Review
I was excited to sit down to read one of Nicholas Sparks’ novels. I expected a novel that wrenched at my heart like that of The Notebook. Although it was an easy read, I felt that the emotional depth of At First Sight was lacking in comparison.

With stronger characters and further insight into the first time the couple met, I may have found it easier to connect with them. Lexie ‘s character was quite selfish in the beginning, expecting Jeremy to uproot his life and live in a shack in the woods to appease the expectations of the townspeople. I found her unlikeable in the first instance. At times, the drama between characters did not seem to relate to their age and experiences, seeming petty and immature.

As the book progressed, Lexie’s pregnancy and the increasing bond between the couple gave me reason to keep reading. I enjoyed reading about their life together; purchasing and renovating a home, preparing for their baby and all that comes with pregnancy. The prologue and epilogue were well written and linked beautifully.

Not one of my favourite Sparks’ novels, however, At First Sight did have enjoyable elements.


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